Non Stick paste


How to make a Non Stick Paste to coat any Cast Iron surface.

Basically, I make a paste with equal WEIGHTS of cooking oil, Trex (white vegetable fat) and flour. Substitute to Trex / crisco in USA doesn't work
Warm the fat and oil together and mix together. 

They mix very easily when warmed. Add in the flour. 

About 75 g of each near enough fills a jam jar
The fat and oil together gives you an instant non stick coating. The flour seals in the pores of the iron
Just apply sparingly with some kitchen roll. You don't need much... on any new iron and after cleaning or as needed. 

You can then dry fry eggs if you wish with no sticking.

It doesn't need baked on in layers like normal seasoning. You'll start to build a seasoning layer quickly.

No issues about  putting iron in sink and giving a really good scrub if needed.. (or after using sticky sauces etc) just dry thoroughly afterwards and reapply paste