Cabbage Stuffed With Bacon & Onion

Whole Roasted cabbage
Whole Roasted cabbage

For The Pot

  • 1 Whole Cabbage
  • 1 Small Onion
  • 3 rashers Bacon
  • 1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce

Serves 6

Technique Use

  • All Purpose

Equipment Used


Peel and chop Onion.

Cut Bacon in to 25 cm pieces.

Fry Onion & Bacon then add half of the BBQ Sauce. 

With a sharp knife remove the core from the Cabbage.

Use a spoon to dig deeper in to the cabbage  to make a cavity.

Stuff the cavity with the Onion & Bacon mix.

Paint the outside on the Cabbage with BBQ Sauce.

Take a 1 meter length of kitchen foil, roll up to make a long snake, then make a donut  out of it

Place donut in the bottom of a Dutch Oven and sit Cabbage on it, Stuffing facing upwards.

Put lid on and roast on High Heat for 2 hours, periodically basting with the remaining BBQ Sauce.

Remove from oven and chop the cabbage, and mix in with the Stuffing